3P Group’s Quality, Safety and Environmental Policy

is recognized as a leader in the PTFE and other engineered polymers transformation.

Beyond a very specific technical expertise, developed and perpetuated for more than 50 years of existence, 3P claims to be a resolutely forward-looking organization. Thanks to our ever-expanding in-depth knowledge of materials, markets and product requirements, we can offer our customers a unique expertise and innovative solution to complex projects.

For many years, 3P understood how important it was to integrate the Quality, Safety and Environmental principles in our management system. Certified with the standards ISO 9001, IATF 16949, EN/AS 9100 and ISO 14001 according to our sites market, we confirm our desire to be a key player on challenging markets.

Our management system establishes a base on which we can build and develop our strategy even through a difficult economic and competitive climate, where interested parties have increasing requirements. In addition to organizational principles, it includes 3P Group’s values, based on respect for the human person, the environment, and the requirements of our partners and customers.
We are looking for efficient working methods based on a risk approach and a continuous improvement in compliance with current regulations.
Our staff is our greatest asset. We share the same goals, values and objectives:

  • Customer satisfaction
  • Financial independence
  • Effectiveness, efficiency and profitability of our activities
  • Development and growth of our worldwide business
  • Compliance with the standards, regulations and current legislation
  • Respect of the human person, the safety rules, and the working equipment
  • Motivation in work
  • A respectful approach to the Environment

As the 3P Chief Executive Officer, I will pay a close attention to making this policy known, understood and applied. It is the guarantee of our longevity and of the customers’ recognition and fidelity. It could not be expressed without the involvement of all. I commit to allocating all the necessary resources for its implementation according to the annual objectives and I will personally get involved in the assessment of its effectiveness.

Serge REIG
3P Chief Executive Officer
July 2nd, 2018