TST : PTFE Thread Seal Tapes  – Gaflon®

Full standard compliance for many applications, our 3P TST are acknowledged in demanding industries. TST products are used in the construction, automotive and chemical industries. Its waterproof, non-stick surface and its self-lubricating properties facilitate assembly and dismantling of joints. Chemically inert, it has unequalled resistance to gases, solvents, acids and other corrosive liquids.
  • Our TST spools and covers are available in a range of colors and have a high shock resistance. Thanks to our precision stamping machines, markings also are available in different colors and designs
  • Many dimensions (length, width, thickness and density) available
  • Compliant with common standards (on request): EN 751-3, BAM approval for gas or liquid oxygen applications, DVGW approval for water and gas applications, GASTEC approval for Gas applications, WRAS approval for drinking water