3P offers the right high performance plastic and plastic compounds for demanding industries

3P is an expert in high performance polymer materials, and products or composite solutions based on these materials.

With 50 years’ experience, 3P has firstly developed PTFE solutions and has rapidly developed a deep knowledge of similar materials. This led 3P to develop tools and know-how around other fluoropolymers, but also around PEEK and PI polymer families. The large panel of materials allows 3P to develop expertise in a growing number of applications.

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On all demanding solutions, high performance materials reach performance that most usual materials can’t withstand. This is especially true when you meet complex needs, with a combination of these challenges. For example, the long life and the maintenance benefits of high performance polymers, such as self-lubricating solutions, give important advantages on TCO (Total cost of ownership, the total cost during full product life) compared to engineering plastics.

These materials are also more and more used in substitution to metal parts, where lightweight allow better efficiency of the overall system.

All these high performance polymers answer challenges like: 

 Low or high temperature







 electrical insulation

 thermal insulation

Strong partnerships with material suppliers offer fine customization of solutions

Thanks to this strong experience, 3P has developed a close collaboration with all historical or emerging suppliers of high performance polymers and compounds.

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Our global sourcing strategy ensures the best price for suitable properties.

With a deep knowledge of available grades and fillers for high performance compounds, 3P assists the development of your solution based on standard or custom materials.

When usual grades of materials can’t fulfill your specific needs, 3P’s technical teams dedicate themselves to truly helping you in finding the right materials and associated transformation processes in accordance to your needs. 3P can suggest new materials associations, and develop proprietary compounds.

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